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Glen Carle has a passion for presentation training to clients in the Houston area. Few people find it easy to speak in front of a crowd. If you want or need to master public speaking, Glen would love to sit down with you and outline how you can present while keeping authenticity, passion and your own style in tact while holding the attention and interest your audience. He listens to your unique needs and creates a personalized program suited just for you. Whether you are looking to brush up on your public speaking or presentation skills or take your current speaking career to the next level, Glen can help you achieve your goals.

Presentation Skills

  • Learn to control shaky hands or voice
  • Learn how to make each hand movement relevant
  • Learn how to relax with adequate rehearsal and preparation
  • Remove excessive filler words
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Fine tune your presentation skills to connect with your audience
  • Effectively communicate your message
  • How to efficiently and fluidly use tools such as Power Point and white boards
  • Manage Q & A sessions

Contact Glen Carle

If you are looking for more information regarding public speaking training services please contact Glen at 713.703.0546. Throughout the entire process Glen commits to every client and works with you to achieve any goals you have always dreamed of.

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