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Glen Carle provides Leadership Development services to clients in the Houston area. Throughout his 20 years in corporate America, Glen has navigated leadership roles as he has expanded his responsibilities and attained goals, both personally and professionally. Using those years of experience, Glen has created a coaching program that is individualized to each client, making the opportunities for growth easy to understand and accomplish. Leadership means putting all the pieces together, even when they don’t seem to fit. It means, not only tolerating conflict but, using it to learn, open new ideas and strengthen morale. Glen inspires leadership and helps you discover your own style.

Why Leadership?

John Maxwell, Glen Carle

Some benefits of developing leadership:

  • Ability to positively influence others
  • Personal growth
  • Business growth
  • The opportunity for advancement
  • Showing others you are up to any task
  • Management opportunities

Contact Glen Carle

If you are looking for more information regarding Leadership Development please contact Glen at 713.703.0546. 713.703.0546. Throughout the Leadership Development process, Glen commits himself to each client and works with you to achieve the goals you have always dreamed of.

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