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Glen Carle provides business consulting in the Houston area. Spending years working in corporate America allowed him to study and master the skills needed to stand out among all the other employees of a company. If you are looking to take on more leadership within your company but are unsure how to do so simply contact Glen at 713.703.0546.

About Glen Carle

Glen Carle has turned his degree in engineering, software development and 20 years in corporate America into a spring board to business coaching and public speaking. His passion and personal goal is to make every client he works with the success they have always wanted to be.

While working for major corporations he learned to recognize and overcome common workplace black holes. He has discovered that to successfully represent ourselves and what we are offering the marketplace – whether that is our services or a product – we must treat those efforts as an art form. People instinctively know if we are being authentic or false, not to mention, confident or unsure. It is our responsibility to be aligned with our values and place our best self into our work. In this way we earn respect and reach our fullest potential. Glen’s true passion is in helping others reach that potential. He is not shy about giving that extra push and he will also be your greatest champion.

Contact Glen Carle

If you are looking for more information about Glen, or the many services he provides please contact him at 713.703.0546. Throughout the entire process Glen commits to every client and works with you to master any personal fears you may have.

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